Well I just came in from the barn…brrrr!  The other two rabbits were OK-I just trimmed their nails and clipped off a few small matted areas on Bart.  The sheep are a mess.  There is burdock stuck on their neck wool, and some have burdock elsewhere from lying down in hay that had burdock.  We have done a really good job of cleaning up our pasture of this nasty weed, but have less control over the hay.  We are fortunate to be able to buy hay nearby, and this is the first time we have had this problem.   We’ll just keep pulling the burdock out as we find it in the hay.  Fleece skirting will just take longer this year.  I’m pretty agressive picking out the VM, so it just means if I sell any fleeces this year they will be a lot smaller than usual!


One Response to “Burdock”

  1. lynn0093 Says:

    hey girl you did better than I did on your blog. Not bad.

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