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April 17, 2007

Lambing seemed fast and furious this year.  Fortunately it did not start until after we were back from the hospital.  My brother-in-law had all the phone numbers lined up for help, but he was very thankful no lambs came while he was house/farm sitting!

 Bernice had twin rams lambs early 12 March, Eina had a single ram lamb 16 March, Bethany had twin ewe lambs early (1:30 and 2 am) 17 March (Happy Birthday to me), Desana had twin ram lambs early 20 March and Charity had a single ewe lamb on 20 March.  Except for Charity, all the births were uneventful and easy-just the way you want them to be.  Of course, none of the lambs came during the 3-4 day spell of nice weather.  Oh no….it was either cold and frosty, or in the middle of the 2nd major snowstorm of the winter (St Patrick’s Day weekend). 

For the first time ever, we had to call the vet in for an emergency though.  Charity had some minor problems last year with the lamb’s head briefly stuck, but this year it was clear she would not lamb without assistance.   It turned out the lamb had one leg forward, with the head and other leg turned backward.  The vet was able to pull the lamb, and revive her.  That just brought tears to my eyes, as I watched the vet swing (yes, vigorously) and rub the little ewe.  She is a small lamb, but probably the spunkiest one we have!  She and another of our ewe lambs are also what is called “lilacs”: instead of typical Jacob colors of black and white, they are charcoal and white.  They also have blue eyes.  So, we will definitely be keeping one of them.  We are looking around to find a home for Charity, as she must not be bred again.  We have some feelers out to 4H families.  As a last resort, we’ll put her in the freezer, but would rather not have to.  However, we are not set up to have pasture space for non-breedable ewes.


Rabbit Sad News

April 17, 2007

I lost Toby, my beautiful REW German cross angora about 3 weeks ago.   He was fine at 3pm when some friends visited Steve, then dead  in his cage at 6 pm when we went out to do chores.  No visible signs of problems.  The best we can figure is he may have had a heart attack when some birds got stuck in the barn near his cage.  He was a sweetheart-very friendly and easy to clip.  He had gorgeous white fiber.  I will miss him.  This may sound a bit macabre, but he is in the freezer until we can bury him in our pet cemetery in the pasture.   I have now lost 2 rabbits in the past year (unrelated causes).  I will be getting 2 more this spring/summer, but it is hard to  lose the “friendly” ones.

I’m Back!

April 17, 2007

Yes, I know it’s been a while (over 6 weeks!) since my last post.  In the interim my husband had major surgery, the ewes all lambed, and I had lots to do at work.  God is sooo good.  Steve’s surgery went well; the docs believe they have all the cancer.  Lambing went pretty good-we now have 8 new lambs-pics to come later.  And I’m getting back into the swing of teaching again, after being off for 2 weeks.  

I have lots of pics of lambing, so will try to learn how to put them in the blog.  Bye for now from snowy upstate NY-we got over a foot of heavy wet snow yesterday (but had a snow day-yippeee!!).