Snow Day

I think it’s the fourth one so far this school year and it’s only January.  There goes part of our spring break!

Yep-it’s been almost two years since my last post.  Fortunately I was able to find my user ID and password.  I really do want to keep a blog; my problem before was that I didn’t know how to use the digital camera and then I ran out of time.  Now the camera is broken, and I still don’t have time-BUT-I have started to journal now though (on paper), so I thought I could try a bit of blogging also.  Maybe this time it will take!

Big Praise-Steve is still cancer free; it’s now almost two years since his surgery.

Brief farm update:  maintaining the flock at one ram, one wether and five breeding ewes.  We should have lambs starting in March. Down to three rabbits-still have issues with snuffles, so no new rabbits while these are still here.

Life is busy as usual and I still struggle with juggling the many roles I have.  I’m getting better at learning to say no and focus on what is important.  Bible reading and prayer are helping a lot, so I’m striving towards more consistency in both.

New endeavor: working through the book The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer (  I know I have talent in the fiber arts, and I really want to be able to explore and use it.


One Response to “Snow Day”

  1. Eve Says:

    Isn’t it something how much snow we’ve had?

    I’ve added that book to my list of reading material. Right now I’m reading Sabbath (Restoring the Sacred Rhiythm of Rest) by Wayne Muller. I am enjoying it a lot, am learning some new things but also reminded that we all need to rest. As the daughter of a Seventh Day Adventist Mother, I was used to days of rest of reconnecting with family, nature, prayer, but I’ve gotten away from that a little and this book comes to me in time to remind me to rest. There is another by the same author, I’ll be reading that also.

    Hope to see you soon… many hugs…

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