Ok, OK-this is not turning into a weather blog, but we are having some extremely high winds.  It made for an interesting time doing chores tonight-quite difficult to pull the side barn door open.  But all critters are doing well, and it is still warm enough that the bunny water is not freezing-one less thing to take care of.   

I’m happily deep in several new books-mostly fiber related.  I finally broke down and bought A Fine Fleece   I’m so excited-at least two-and maybe three-of the sweaters are from Jacob handspun.  Yumm!!!!!

PS-if anyone knows how to put in a clickable link without all this extra stuff, please let me know.  Time for a late dinner.  

Auf Wiedersehen.


3 Responses to “Wind”

  1. Eve / Simply Divine Fibers Says:

    We listened to things banging around for most of the day and then had to go out and repair a board that came loose in a fence… the opening was just big enough space for my little dogs to get out…

    I can show you how to do clickable links next time you are here…

    I am currently knitting a sweater from A Fine Fleece. I borrowed the book from a friend and like it so much I’ll be getting one for myself.

    Somehow I missed that some of the items were made from Jacob wool… hmmmmm!

  2. Cary (grannysheep) Says:

    Oh I’m so excited, so excited to read some news of my friend Trish (grin) I have been wondering how you are and pray for you and Steve when the Good Lord brings you to mind! I was happy to read “cancer free” after two years – Praise God!!!

    Trish, I am so in love with that Fine Fleece book! I have been pouring over it, and pouring over daily since I got it 😉 Do you think we will truly buckle down and get something knit from it – lol!

    Big hugs from your “Sister” in Michigan ;D

  3. jacobshepherdess Says:

    Hi Cary-great to hear from you. I’ve been trying to reply via Yahoo, but Yahoo Mail is down. I’m still reading through A fine Fleece-one of those I want to read through cover to cover. Yes-I will get a sweater done-just don’t hold me to a time frame, lol!

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