Lambs!! 2009

Lambing started early this morning.  Desana, one of our older ewes, had twin ewe lambs at 0510 and 0525.  She (of course) picked her favorite spot-at the top of the very steep hill in our pasture.  Both lambs are doing great.  They are now all down in the barn, where they’ll stay penned up for a few days.  Now there are 4 ewes to go-not many, but I’m always anxious-even more so with working full time again the past few years.  It’s quite windy now, and getting colder, so we worry about chilling.  I’m likely to be out a couple times tonight checking on everything.


Desana and her 2 ewe lambs

Desana and her 2 ewe lambs


Dark ewe lamb-born first

Dark ewe lamb-born first


Light ewe lamb-born second

Light ewe lamb-born second

I’m so thankful all went well-Wednesday mornings are very tight for us time-wise, and we are also having vehicle problems.  Mom and babies were doing great when I got home about 3:30.  Praise God for new life on the farm.


10 Responses to “Lambs!! 2009”

  1. Eve / Simply Divine Fibers Says:

    Glad they are doing well. We may be coming up to see lambs one they are all here and settled in.

    Don’t like this weather, spring one day, winter the next… brrrr!

  2. julie Says:

    Amazing! Love those lambs! Praise God indeed!

  3. Susan (ravelry: humblethreads) Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. I will definitely keep in touch and read your blog often. Your lambs are so precious. 😉

  4. Knitter Says:

    They are so cute! How precious! I’m glad they are doing well. 🙂

  5. David Says:

    Great photos,

    What breed are they? Not like anything I know.

    We just saw lambs being born at a farm in the Yorkshire Dales near us.

    I posted it here at

  6. David Says:

    Thank you for that, Trish,

    Ah, Jacobs sheep. I would recognize an adult, but had no idea what the lambs look like. Thank you for the information. They look really cute.

    You asked how I found your blog. I found your it when I was looking for posts tagged with the word ‘lamb’ or having that word in their posts, and that brought me to your blog.

    If you want to search for posts that interest you, just go to

    I try to tag all my posts with relevant words. I didn’t use to bother with tags, or categories for that matter, but it is a good way to get known in the WordPress world because it gives people a reference point.

  7. Sue H Says:

    They are adorable! Glad to hear all is well.

  8. Trish Says:

    Hi Sue-thanks-the lambs are now really big. I got pictures of all the newborns (had 9 lambs), now just need time to post them to the blog. There is nothing cuter than a pack of Jacob lambs running arund the pasture (which is basiccaly in our back yard). Cool winning something from Mim wasn’t it??

  9. simplelifeinfrance Says:

    Beautiful. I know very little about raising lambs or anything else, but DH and I hope to try it out someday. We’re in a debate mode, however, about whether to try raising sheep or goats. (I vote goats typically, but DH loves sheep cheese) . Your lambs are adorable though . . .it kind of makes me want to think again.

  10. Trish Says:

    I think as a rule sheep are easier to keep fenced in than goats, but of course this is highly variable. Not many sheep breeds will give you the milk for cheese-off hand I can think of Icelandic and East Friesian. We had no experience going into this-we were helped by other breeders. We’ve had sheep for almost 8 years now-wouldn’t trade away the lifestyle.

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