About Trish

Born-again Christian. Pastor’s wife. RN. Teacher. Farmer. Retired Army officer. INFP. Over the hill flower child. Incurable romantic. Rebel. Fiber artist.

Spinning/knitting/quilting/weaving/crewel work/crocheting/ 
fill-in-the blank-want-to-learn/

Life verse: Micah 6:8 “He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?”

Life is hard, but life is good. Praise God.

And here’s how it all started (the farm that is…) (This is info I submitted to the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association when running for a board position)

Why Jacob sheep?  I’m a knitter who became a spinner, who bought some hand cards one day and received a sample of black and white wool to practice carding.  I loved the wool and one thing led to another….and I am now a shepherd (as well as a pastor’s wife, teacher and RN).  I am an Army brat who had never had much to do with farming before this venture.

 When my husband retired from the military we moved back to his hometown in the NY Fingerlakes region.  After we decided we wanted sheep, we bought his family home/farm.  There is little tillable land left on the farm (mostly wooded hills), so we are limited in the number of sheep we can keep.   Jacobs were a perfect fit for us, since the farm had been inactive since 1942, and we are still working on building up the pasture. 

 We started with Jacob sheep and joined JSBA in September 2002.  We thought we were going to Fibre Folds and Nedra Darnell only to buy equipment; but also ended up with a starter flock from her flock dispersal.  Adult flock size has varied from 7 to 12; we keep a lamb for breeding stock every year or two.  We currently have one ram, five ewes and one wether.  All of our Jacobs are registered.  We only raise Jacobs.  We also have angora rabbits.   

 We raise the sheep for fiber, breeding stock, pelts and meat.  It is a diverse fiber flock-light, dark, fine, coarse, a few freckled-and I take my time with fleece preparation.  I have been able to obtain good prices for my fleece and rovings, and I have repeat customers.   I have experimented with Jacob/angora fiber blends which have been popular.  We sell a few lambs/adults a year for breeding and have helped 4-H youth with reduced prices and free sheep.  Our main sales now are for meat.  

Update 3/3/10: sadly we now only have 5 sheep: ram, wether and 3 breeding ewes.  We had to put down our flock matriarch last fall and we really miss her.  There should be lambs any day-stay tuned!



One Response to “About Trish”

  1. julie Says:

    Hi Trish! Finally stopping by to read your blog. I will link your blog from mine. Read it if you are interested. I do not write often. Still haven’t figured it all out again since restarting in January.

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